Dear Callie: The Journey of a Multi-Genre Songwriter Creating APOP

The music industry is an ever-evolving landscape that is constantly shifting and changing. For multi-genre songwriter Dear Callie, navigating her way through the hip hop music industry in Atlanta has been a journey filled with challenges and opportunities.  Dear Callie has found

The Game Changer, Pop Top

Pop Top, also known as PDT or Pop da Top, is a rising artist from Canton, Ohio who currently resides in Columbus. His music career started in Atlanta, Georgia when he was hanging around a group of friends who would go to

Southside Atlanta Artist Papá Nyne Makes A Rise

Papá Nyne is a rapper from Southside Atlanta. He has been making music since childhood, when he learned instrumentation and how to read music. He continued his musical education in college, studying the music industry and starting his own career as an

Atlanta’s Very Own: One Side

Music artist One Side, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, bridges the gap between the punch of hip-hop/pop and the melodies of the modern scene. One side aims for his music to be catchy, yet direct and edgy. One Side has faced