Dear Callie: The Journey of a Multi-Genre Songwriter Creating APOP

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The music industry is an ever-evolving landscape that is constantly shifting and changing. For multi-genre songwriter Dear Callie, navigating her way through the hip hop music industry in Atlanta has been a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. 

Dear Callie has found herself drawn to the world of hip hop music in Atlanta. However, she has not limited herself to any one particular style or genre. Instead, she has created her own unique sound that she calls APOP music. APOP stands for “Atlanta Pop,” and it is a fusion of the signature Atlanta swag with pop melodies. This unique approach to music-making has allowed Dear Callie to create her own lane in the hip hop industry, and has helped her stand out from the crowd.

One example of Dear Callie’s APOP music is her song “Jewels,” which is featured on the Baddies Soundtrack. The song showcases her ability to seamlessly blend Atlanta swag with catchy pop melodies, resulting in a sound that is both fresh and familiar. “Jewels” has quickly become one of the most popular songs on the Baddies Soundtrack, and has helped to solidify Dear Callie’s position as a rising star in the hip hop industry.

As she continues on her journey, we can expect to see great things from Dear Callie in the future. Listen to Dear Callie on Spotify and follow her on Instagram – and be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel. 

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