Atlanta’s Very Own: One Side

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Music artist One Side, born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, bridges the gap between the punch of hip-hop/pop and the melodies of the modern scene. One side aims for his music to be catchy, yet direct and edgy.

One Side has faced some obstacles in the industry, “sometimes you have to get things done yourself and nobody owes you anything. Don’t expect people to understand what route you’re trying to take in life, just go get what you want” says One Side. 

He has attracted the attention of many top labels in the industry, there is a lot of interest in his music at the moment. One Side wants people to express their emotions when listening to his music, he says “everyone goes through the same emotions and don’t be afraid to express them. It doesn’t matter what anybody thinks, they’re not in your shoes”.

One Side has three singles in the works: Dangerous Love, Millions, and Lies. Stay up to date with One Side on Instagram, Youtube and Spotify.

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