Southside Atlanta Artist Papá Nyne Makes A Rise

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Papá Nyne is a rapper from Southside Atlanta. He has been making music since childhood, when he learned instrumentation and how to read music. He continued his musical education in college, studying the music industry and starting his own career as an artist while also working as an engineer at a professional studio.

Papá Nyne’s goal in the music industry is to show young people that it is possible to make a living as a musician if they stay true to their goals and dreams. He is particularly proud of his project “Ricky Morty,” which received over 100,000 streams and uses this as an example to the youth.

One obstacle that Papá has had to overcome is the financial challenges of financing his own studio and equipment. Despite this, he remains an independent artist, working with his brother QTHABARBER as a co-engineer and collaborator. Papá has recently released his project “Drip 2Night” and is currently working on a new mixtape that he’s recording and engineering himself.

Papá Nyne cites Young Thug as a major musical inspiration, and he would love to collaborate with him someday. He is also inspired by Elon Musk and his innovative approach to business and technology.

In his free time, Papá hosts a podcast called “Unk and Phew” with new episodes released every week. He is also a lifetime member of the marching 100 and has had numerous performances throughout his career.

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