Selena Gomez condemns death threats towards Hailey Bieber and voices support for her

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Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has recently taken to social media to defend Hailey Bieber, her former love rival, amid rumors of a feud between the two. According to Gomez, Bieber has been receiving death threats and hateful negativity from fans, and she has appealed to her followers to stop the bullying.

The animosity between the two women goes back several years and stems from rumors that Bieber’s relationship with Justin Bieber overlapped with Gomez’s. Although Hailey denied any overlap, the drama resurfaced earlier this year on TikTok, with fans speculating that some of Hailey’s actions were aimed at Gomez.

Despite attempts to move on, the feud has continued to simmer, with some fans even chanting “F*** Hailey Bieber” at one of Justin’s performances. In a Call Her Daddy interview last year, Hailey spoke of the vicious bullying by Gomez’s fans but said that reaching out to Gomez wouldn’t fix anything.

It remains to be seen whether the recent contact between the parties will lead to a resolution of the feud. Meanwhile, Gomez has reiterated her message of kindness and called on fans to consider others’ mental health.

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