Cardi B: “I Love My Face Tatt”

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Cardi B: "I Love My Face Tatt"
Cardi B: "I Love My Face Tatt"
Cardi B: "I Love My Face Tatt"
Cardi B: “I Love My Face Tatt”

Regarding her face scar, Cardi B has no qualms.

On Thursday, the 30-year-old artist showed off a tattoo on her chin that says “Wave,” which is the name of her 17-month-old son. She said she loves the tattoo.

The “I Like It” rapper wrote “I Love My Face Tatt ” on the photo of her red tattoo, which was taken during her and her husband Offset’s recent trip to McDonald’s to promote their own meal, called “The Cardi B & Offset Meal.”

Cardi showed off the tattoo for the first time in September 2022, a month after Robinson De Los Santos got it. The tattoo is close to where her rapper husband got the name of their 4-year-old daughter, Kulture, tattooed on him when she was only 7 weeks old.

Offset got a tattoo of his wife’s name on his neck in 2018. Cardi also has a tattoo of her daughter on her arm.

Offset has a 7-year-old girl named Kalea Marie, a 13-year-old son named Jordan, and two 7-year-old boys named Kody and Kulture.

The mother of two first thought about getting her son’s name tattooed on her face in January of last year. She wrote on Twitter, “Strange, but I’m 1% away from getting my son’s name tattooed on my face….I really want to make it happen!

Cardi shared a series of pictures of Wave moving around her bed on her Instagram Story on Wednesday. These pictures showed what it’s like to be a parent of a toddler.

“Today he’s being as bad as f—,” she said about her child in the comment. NEEDS TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW!

The next shot showed Wave getting ready to attack his mother. “Hyper as f—,” she wrote.

In September, Offset’s older kids went to Wave’s first birthday party with their younger cousins. At the child’s party, the whole family stood together for a picture, and Cardi wrote “My Hearts” at the time.

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