Vince Montage Pours His Heart into ‘Love Rage’

In the sun-soaked city of Miami, artist Vince Montage unveils the intricate tapestry of love with his latest single and accompanying music video, “Love Rage.” Beyond the surface of catchy beats, this musical endeavor serves as a personal narrative, a candid exploration

Meet Sean Appall – Stream His New EP “Running Out”

Hey UNFLTRD fam, have you heard of Sean Appall? Well he’s the musical wizard straight out of the lively vibes of Vancouver, Canada. Sean isn’t your average music producer; he’s a seasoned pro, juggling roles as a beatmaker, mixer, and engineer. With

Discover ‘May Tricks’ RED and Amélie’s Latest Hit

If you’re into the vibrant sounds coming out of London, Ontario, you’ve got to check out RED‘s latest release – a killer single and music video called “May Tricks,” featuring the incredibly talented Amélie. Directed by the creative mind Viplav Chambok, this

KFitz’s Latest Video ‘EARL INTERLUDE’ Hits Hard

In the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop, West Chester-born and Philly-residing artist KFitz is carving his own path with an unapologetic and authentic approach to music. His latest release, “EARL INTERLUDE,” stands as a testament to his commitment to genuine storytelling and a

TOPANGA’s New Single “Brand New” Redefines Opulence

Step into the musical world of TOPANGA, our very own Bowie sensation, as she unveils her latest single and music video, “Brand New.” Crafted under the skillful production of Crank Lucas and brought to life by the imaginative lens of Secondhand Cinematics,

Matthew Bocarius’ Dynamic Influence in Music Business

In the vibrant city of Miami, where the convergence of diverse musical influences echoes through its streets, a 21-year-old entrepreneur is making waves in the music industry. Matthew Bocarius, a music mogul with a distinct vision, stands as a beacon of innovation

Rockstar Ant Reshapes the Underground Scene with “#LB4SL!ME”

Dayton, Ohio, has become the epicenter of a new sonic revolution with the release of Rockstar Ant‘s latest mixtape, “#LB4SL!ME.” This project serves as a gateway into the artist’s world, where cutting-edge production meets distinctive cadences, creating a sonic landscape that defies

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