Syracuse Artist, Swerv Jones, is on the 2023 Watch List

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Syracuse, NY native Swerv Jones is one of the hottest up and coming artists on the underground music scene. With the release of two mixtapes, “Zones” and “Levels”, as well as a slew of other singles and freestyles, Jones is making his mark and making it loud and clear that he is one to watch in the coming year.

Growing up in Syracuse, Swerv Jones always had a love for music, but it wasn’t until he got older that it became more than just a hobby. Now, his goal is to spread his voice by telling his story and delivering his message, while also connecting with different people around the world and learning about different cultures.

One of Swerv Jones’ biggest accomplishments is the impact he’s made in his community, both with and without music. However, it hasn’t been an easy journey for him, as he’s had to overcome obstacles such as drug addiction, hopelessness, and homelessness. But, he cites Tupac Shakur as his biggest musical inspiration, due to his ability to turn words into imagery and the strength, knowledge, and influence he held around the world.

Currently, Swerv Jones is an independent artist, and is working on an EP titled “Plus One,” with a yet-to-be-determined release date. Additionally, his single “Dancing On A Bird” featuring Stove God Cooks is also in the works. He also mentioned that he is always looking to collaborate with others in the industry, and would love to work with Scorey Aye, another Syracuse native.

When asked what keeps him going, Swerv Jones credited his love for music and an internal energy that drives him to chase his dreams. He also shared some fun facts about himself, such as his first performance taking place at the Sheraton Hotel, his most memorable performance was opening up for Fabolous at the Landmark Theatre, his favorite era of music is 90’s hip-hop and R&B, and he loves sports. Keep an eye out for Swerv Jones, as he is sure to make waves in the industry.

Check Swerv Jones out on Instagram, TikTok, SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube.

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