Rosario Rodriguez, A Guatemalan Filmmaker in New York

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Rosario Rodriguez is a Latinx filmmaker and content creator from Long Island, New York. Born in Central America, Guatemala, Rosario Rodriguez immigrated to the United States in 2001. As she got older, it became  more apparent the lack of representation of Chapinxs, also known as Guatemalans, in any medium or media. Thus igniting her passion for storytelling as she learned that representation matters and truly makes a difference. 

Rosario hopes to entice others not only through her intersectional hardships, and triumphs, but by being able to accomplish it one lens at a time. Rosario’s journey in the film/creative industry began as an undergrad creating fun videos for class and as a hobby for clubs, organizations and events on campus. As time passed she was a recipient for a scholarship at the Manhattan Film Institute, a two week intense film conservatory on Long Island founded by Tony Spiridakis & Shannon Goldman. There she began her journey as a director and an editor with her short film, “Parable of the Wasp.” She would return every year afterwards as a staff member and has worked with lead acting coaches such as Bob Krakower and Wendy Makkena. The film conservatory gave her the push to continue in the industry as she has worked on feature films as part of the crew; “Sometime Other Than Now” written & directed by Dylan McCormick starring Kate Walsh and Donald Logue, “First One In” written by & directed by Gina O’ Brien starring Kat Foster, Georgia King and Kate Curtin, “18 1/2” written by Daniel Moya & directed by Dan Mirvish starring Willa Fitzgerald and John Magaro. 

Her experience ranges from being on and off set either in pre production, production and post. She has worked on feature films, music videos, short films, and commercials. Her turning point was when she teamed up with Charlie Ehrman, production company founder of Room Seven Studio, LLC to co-direct, co-produce, and line produce a short documentary series titled En Mi Camino in 2019. This short docu series focuses on “sharing the stories and lives of Guatemalans in Central America through something we often take for granted – shoes! Hence we take a step into their shoes”. The founder, Marvin Rodriguez, of the nonprofit organization, Yuntos, navigates the audience through the series. This was the journey that motivated Rosario to work even harder in the industry.

We asked her who her biggest inspiration was, and she replied, “Overall my family, but to be specific, my older brother, Marvin. He has taught me everything from life, hard work, grit, and hope, especially being the first in our family to do many things. Whether that was in regards to college, post grad life, or adulthood. For me he is the definition of a role model, a positive asset to our community and representation. He was the reason why I never gave up on my dreams, he pushed me when we both have never stepped foot or been exposed to the film industry. He told me to take chances, to try rather than live with regret and more”. 

Rosario continues to perfect her craft as a filmmaker year round [director, cinematographer and editor]. When she is not working with her film partner at Room 7 Studios, she freelances locally and internationally.  “Film is a beautiful medium to bring awareness/exposure to a community, idea, or dream, but it is also a great way to bring your vision to life” said Rosario. 

At the moment, Rosario is wrapping up a music video with an up and coming independent music artist named Quez, along with episode 2 for En Mi Camino, and other local projects. This upcoming February, she is hosting an international event in Guatemala called Palencia Fest with local sponsors and those in the music industry. Palencia Fest is a music contest that will support three young local artists from a small town 45 minutes out from Guatemala City. The three winners will receive a professional music video done for free, 700 Quetzales ($100 USD) and a professional song that is produced, mixed and mastered. Rosario is always looking to give back to her community and help the next generation of Guatemalans on the rise, just like her! Follow her work on Instagram and on her personal website.

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