At Milan Fashion Week, Julia Fox only wears belts.

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Milan Fashion Week
Milan Fashion Week
Julia Fox

At an event during Milan Fashion Week, Julia Fox wore an odd outfit that barely covered her. This shocked her fans. People took notice when the 33-year-old actress and model showed up at a Diesel supper event wearing an outfit made out of only belts.

Julia dated Kanye West for a short time last year. She showed off her toned body by wearing a tiny top with a green, red, and black belt and a thick, shiny black belt to hold up her “skirt.” Her bold outfit was made up of grey knee-high boots, a black puffy coat that reached her arms, and a snakeskin-colored Diesel bag that she used to carry her essentials.

This week, Julia walked around Milan with her 2-year-old son Valentino. When she did, she drew attention to herself by wearing yet another revealing top with an all-denim outfit. When she showed her New York City home to fans last month, she was called a “relatable icon.”

The model shared a film of her “very unimpressive” house on TikTok to show that she is a lot more friendly than people might think. Julia, who lives with Valentino in the apartment they share, let fans take a look inside to show them they shouldn’t feel bad about their own places.

The Uncut Gems singer showed off the small room she shares with her son. It was full of pictures of their families and other junk.

She said in the video, “Okay, I never in a million years thought I’d do this, but I believe in being as honest as possible, so I’m going to show you guys around my apartment.” I know I’ll be laughed at and other things, but I hope someone will look at this and think, “Oh, well, maybe I’m not doing so bad.”

She went on, “We can start in my bedroom, which is also my living room.” I moved my cot into the living room so Valentino could have a small play area in my room. Julia also said that her son doesn’t have a bed of his own and that he sleeps in bed with her. I don’t mind if you sue me.

One of Julia’s supporters wrote in the comments section, “Wow, I loved this.” a real symbol. A third fan said, “I love you for being honest and open,” and another said, “You’re an icon everyone can relate to.”

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