After Social Media Hiatus, Selena Gomez Deactivated and Reactivated TikTok.

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On February 23, Selena Gomez said on TikTok Live that she was going to “take a break from social media.” Tomas_Mier, a Twitter user, took recording of her live. The Only murders in The Building star’s said after she put an end to reports that she and Kylie Jenner were feuding.

I’m going to take a break from social media for a while because, even though I’m 30, this is kind of silly. Selena said that she was too old for this. But I’ll see you all soon because I love you so much. I’m just take a break from everything.

Just Jared says that after Selena said what she did, she deleted her TikTok account. But as of Friday, February 24, her page was turned back on, so all of her latest posts could be seen. Her accounts on Twitter and Instagram are still up and running.

Selena now has more fans on Instagram than Kylie, and it looks like she has gained 2 million new followers since the news of her social media break-up spread. But the pair wasn’t only in the news this week because of their fight over the title.

Kylie Jenner claimed that she and Hailey Bieber made fun of Selena on purpose in an Instagram video posted on February 22 and shared on the app TikTok. Selena wrote a TikTok Story this week about how she accidentally laminated her eyebrows. Three hours later, Kylie shared a picture to her Instagram Story with the caption “This was an accident?Kylie then posted a selfie with Hailey Bieber on FaceTime with their eyebrows drawn in on her Instagram story. Fans’ instant response videos on social media show that the two A-listers got into a fight.

Kylie said in a conspiracy theory video that this is going too far. I never made fun of Selena, and her tweets about her eyebrows were something I missed. Your group makes something out of nothing. This is crazy. Selena agreed with Kylie’s point of view. She wrote, “Agreed, @kyliejenner. It’s all a waste of time. Kylie is someone I like.

Selena has also taken breaks from using social media in the past. She talked freely about her decision to not have any social media apps on her phone and to have her assistant upload content and comments that she wants to be shared online to WWD’s Beauty Inc in 2021.

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