Æthel Starts Off Strong With Her First Single “Game Over”

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Æthel, born Audrey Décarie-Truffer, is a rising female rapper and singer from Montreal, Canada. She sings and raps in both French and English, delivering ingeniously constructed and heartfelt lyrics that explore themes combining social commentary and pop culture. Her music is known for its saturated and colorful aesthetic, which perfectly complements her storytelling ability.

Æthel’s music career started in 2023, when she released her first song and music video, “Game Over,” which explores the struggles of dealing with mental health while pursuing one’s goals, using video game metaphors and images. Her upcoming EP, set to be released in autumn 2023, promises to include horror movie references and witchy vibes, making it a highly anticipated project among her fans.

Outside of music, Æthel draws inspiration from the everyday struggles she faces, using them as the basis for her music. Her mental health struggles, in particular, have been one of her hardest obstacles to overcome. Juggling multiple diagnoses like ADHD, OCD, and autism, she has found it challenging to prioritize her music career while dealing with medical appointments and treatments.

Currently not signed to a label, Æthel’s ultimate goal is for her fans to feel understood and represented through her music. She wants them to not only dance and vibe to the flow of the music but also to feel like their voices are heard. With her upcoming EP release, Æthel is sure to make a name for herself in the industry and leave her mark on the rap and music scene.

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