Zai Johnson: Reno’s Newest Music Artist

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Zai Johnson’s music career started about 4 years ago, at a low point in his life. Through soul and purpose searching, he found music is what pulled him out of this hole and brought him enlightenment. Zai is a new and upcoming artist out of Reno, Nevada who is also an engineer and music producer, along with owning his own record, We Livin LLC. 

Zai has some pretty big goals, “my main goal is to help spread the right messages for the youth and next generations to come. I also have goals of developing and signing artist to my record label,  winning multiple Grammy awards in various artist categories, and earning the RIAA certificate of diamond as a solo artist and producer”. With his talent as a three dimensional artist in producing, raping/singing, and mixing/mastering – we know these goals are feasible. 

Zai’s inspiration comes from the 90’s and 00’s music he grew up listening to; rap, hip hop, and R&B. “I just published a new beat store and am also working on a mixtape. My debut single is expected to release mid 2023”, said Zai. 

When we asked Zai what his reason for waking up each morning was, he said “Number one is God, I’m thankful and grateful for everyday living. Number two is my mom, she has worked hard her whole life to protect and provide, I need to retire her one day. Number three is my brother Chris who passed away, he was always a real and genuine supporter, also the reason why the quote “We livin” is so special to me – it was said by him the last time we were together. I can feel his energy, support and push from the other side.”  

Follow Zai for his upcoming single release on Instagram and Spotify, and watch him follow his dreams. 

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