Meet Artist and Hopeless Romantic, Tru Vers

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Tru Vers is a multi-talented musician, actor, and screenwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. He has been making music for over four years and has worked with industry names such as Bizarre from D12, M. Stacks, iSegaBeats, and Luke Reelfs.

Tru Vers’s music career began when he discovered that writing and listening to music was his escape during a difficult time in his childhood. He hopes to have a similar impact on others through his music and films, which often tell personal stories that may be relatable or inspiring to listeners.

One of Tru Vers’s biggest accomplishments is his upcoming project, “Youth,” which is an album and film that tells the story of a hopeless romantic navigating life after a breakup. He is currently finishing up this project and plans to release it within the next few months. In addition to releasing the album on digital platforms and CD, Tru Vers will also premier the film, which includes all of the songs from the album, at a theater in Omaha on the night of the release.

Tru Vers is inspired by a variety of musicians, including Drake, Eminem, blink-182, Kid Cudi, and KYLE. His non-musical inspiration is actor Adam Sandler, with “The Wedding Singer” being his favorite movie of all time.

Tru Vers’s ultimate goal in the music industry is to create bodies of work that combine music and film in a way that has never been done before. He hopes that listeners will be able to relate to his music and find something meaningful in it, whether it be entertainment or inspiration. You can keep up with Tru Vers’s latest projects and releases on his Instagram, Spotify, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and website, all of which are linked above.

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