Trilliano Releases New Music Video To “Projects 3 The Beach”

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Rap artist, Trilliano, born and raised in Watts, California, has had a unique journey in the music industry. Growing up in a community surrounded by hip hop, the artist developed a love for writing lyrics at the young age of 8. By the time he was 13, he had started to format his lyrics into songs and recorded his first track at the age of 16.

Trilliano’s musical journey started with a rap group/promotion team called Pushaz Inc. With the label, he created hit singles like “Bring Your Friends” and “I Love My Nina” featuring Ty Dolla Sign. He then teamed up with Jason Jackson (Greedy Giddy) and Glasses Malone to work on artist development and writing skills, creating more hit singles like “On Your Own.”

As an independent artist, Trilliano has been on 3 US tours with OHGEESY and 1 with NLE Choppa and has recently released a new single and visual featuring DW Flame called “Projects 3 The Beach.” He has multiple projects and singles set to drop throughout the year, with the goal of releasing one new single and visual every month.

Trilliano works with producers like Larry Jay, BeatBoyTaughtem, Dj Fu, and Do Better, who help bring his vision to life. He wants people to take away positive gems from his music, whether it be book knowledge, street knowledge, or spirituality. His greatest achievement so far has been traveling the world based on his relationships, skills, and performance in the music industry.

In conclusion, Trilliano’s journey in music has been a combination of his passion for hip hop, education, and his street life experiences. He continues to push himself and create timeless music for his fans. To stay connected with Trilliano make sure to check him out on social media and follow along:  Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Website

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