Could This Be The End For TikTok?

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There may be legislature in motion that could put an end to TikTok in the United States. Senator Marco Rubio and two other members of the House have proposed legislation that would “block and prohibit all transactions” in the United States by social media companies of certain magnitude. The terms seem to align with companies with at least one million monthly users that are based in, or under the “substantial influence” of, countries that are considered foreign adversaries. Some of these countries that made the list include China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela.

The bill specifically mentions TikTok and its parent company (ByteDance) as social media outlets that fall within this category. The legislation comes as a wave of states led by Republican governors have introduced state-level restrictions on the use of this platform [TikTok] on government provided devices. TikTok has previously said it doesn’t share information with the Chinese government, but the topic still seems to be of concern.

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