Tack’s Arrival Into Music

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Meet Ryan Tackman, better known as Tack, a rising artist from Flint, Michigan, now based in Oregon. In a recent interview with UNFLTRD Magazine, Tack opened up about his music career, inspiration, and personal life.

Tack’s music journey started in high school, where he began writing lyrics. However, it wasn’t until he met his brother, Seraph the one, at the age of 28 when he started getting serious about music and putting out his work. Tack’s goal in the music industry is to grow a fan base and support his family through his passion.

One of Tack’s proudest accomplishments is having full custody of his children. Growing up without his father, Tack overcame the obstacle of not knowing him for his entire life when his mom found him on Facebook when Tack was 28. 

Tack’s music focuses on his skills as a lyricist, with meaningful and heartfelt words that resonate with his listeners. He is currently working on his album, Arrival, set to release in the next few months. Tack typically works with his brother – Seraph the one, Durand the Rapper, and Mark Battles.

When asked who he would love to collaborate with in the industry, Tack’s answer was simple: Eminem, J Cole, or Joyner Lucas, all of whom are top-notch lyricists and gifted songwriters. For Tack, his reason for waking up every day and continuing to pursue his dreams is for his kids and his mom. He feels it’s up to him to make something of himself and pave the way for his family.

Besides music, Tack works full time in the cannabis industry in Bend, Oregon, where he resides. He’s never performed before, but with his determination and unique perspective, it’s only a matter of time before Tack takes the stage.

Tack’s story is a testament to how anyone can pursue their dreams with passion and dedication, even in the face of adversity. With his music and his journey, Tack is quickly becoming a rising artist to watch out for. Follow him on Instagram and TikTok, and be sure to listen to his music on Spotify.

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