SHEYYBFR’s Big Island Music Journey

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Introducing SHEYYBFR, a talented and up-and-coming artist hailing from the Big Island of Hawai’i. SHEYYBFR has been writing music since childhood and is now pursuing a successful career in the music industry.

SHEYYBFR’s music career began late in the game, being introduced to their first studio session in 2019 at caverec studio and working from there. Their goal within the industry is to be versatile and climb up the charts by telling their unique story and attracting an audience who loves their authentic sound.

One accomplishment SHEYYBFR is particularly proud of is being able to provide and thrive for themselves at such a young age. The biggest obstacle they have had to overcome is getting started with pursuing music due to anxiety about being judged for the work they create. They’ve learned that their music isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.

SHEYYBFR’s biggest musical inspiration includes Lil Tjay, Teejay3k, and Whitney Houston, with their biggest non-musical inspiration being their fianc√©. They’re not currently signed to a label and would like their listeners to take away that everyone is going through something and it’s okay to not be okay, but to not let that define the rest of one’s life, and we all have the ability to get through anything and grow.

SHEYYBFR is currently working on their first album, expected to release mid-2023, with over 5 featured artists. They typically work with producers drellonthetrack, Beatsbyroki, and Onlyforhonesty and engineers from Caverec studio, Baby joint, and Last atlantis studios. They’re open to collaborate with anyone in the industry and believe that the music industry is about the interest of creating music for the world to hear.

SHEYYBFR’s reason for waking up every day and continuing to pursue their dreams is that they’ve come too far to give up now. A few unique facts about SHEYYBFR is that their first time on stage was with one of their good friends at a family member’s 1st birthday, their biggest supporters are people they do not know on a personal level, they enjoy anything to do with art, they’ve been writing music since they were a child, and in the 5th grade they were in a talent show performing a song from “High School Musical.” Keep an eye out for SHEYYBFR as they continue to make waves in the music industry.

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