Official D-Weezy Is Making A Name For Himself In Music

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Official D-Weezy is a powerhouse of talent from Crowley, Louisiana. He is the voice of his city and a mogul for the youth around his area. He turns his pain into passion with every song he writes to make his listeners feel every drop of his passion and words. He started his own label, Hawdaway Muzik LLC, which explains all the ‘hawd time’ and pain he has been through.

“My music career started by me walking through school hallways clowning and singing at basketball practice and people would be like ‘bruh why you don’t take it serious man, you could really sing’, I figured they were playing and trying to clown me but I actually did sound good. It took me a couple years to actually find my sound and my avenue; but when I found it – my god – I took off with it and have been going hard ever since” said D-Weezy. Some of his biggest supporters are his kids, mom, friends and fans from all over.

D-Weezy is currently working on a new album he plans to drop on Christmas day, titled Guardian Angels, which is dedicated to all of his fallen angels. Mac Malone and Official D-Weezy are working together on a project expected to drop December 2022 as well. There are also a couple of singles in the works for the beginning of 2023. D-Weezy feels very strongly about recognizing his team and bringing them with him on his rise. He mentioned Peeziknowel, his engineer, who is always behind his sound putting his all into every project.

When Unfltrd asked Official D-Weezy what he wants his listeners to take away from his music, he said “I want them to feel me and know that whatever they are going through, they are not alone”. He wants his listeners to “keep their head up, chest out, stand on all ten toes and give it all they got because there’s light at the end of every tunnel”.

Official D-Weezy wants to make an impact on the world with his music and to keep leading the way to creating greatness. He certainly is creating greatness with his acts of altruism including offering free haircuts for back to school and some holidays as well. He gets in the community parades and gives out merch and autographs knowing “one day that signature will be worth a lot, so why not bless the ones who supported me from the jump” said Official D-Weezy.

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