Matt Echo: Producer, Engineer, and Music Studio Owner

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Matt Echo has gained widespread recognition in the music industry for his work as co-owner of Studio631 Recordings on Long Island, New York. Along with his business partner, Matt has transformed the recording industry in unprecedented ways.

A lifelong musician, Matt recalls starting with an instrument as a child and progressing from there. His passion for music led him to build Studio631 Recordings from the ground up, starting with renting a room for recording sessions and eventually owning the entire building.

However, Matt notes that the biggest challenge he has faced in the industry is balancing the various roles he must play as a business owner. Despite this, his ultimate goal remains to inspire and challenge artists to create innovative and unique music, and to encourage aspiring musicians to pursue their dreams.

In recent times, Matt has been working on a series of collaborative projects with Sean Strange and is excited to share it with the world. Music is an integral part of Matt’s life, and he incorporates it into all aspects of his life, from traveling to spending time with friends and family.

To stay updated on Matt’s work in the hip hop scene, follow him on Instagram at @EchoSystemAudio , give him a listen on Spotify and visit Studio631 Recordings for more information.

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