Matt Champ Is Getting People Noticed

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Matt Champlin is a young entrepreneur from Upstate New York who is currently living in South Florida. He started his career by investing in himself and learning from a mentor at just 17 years old. Champlin has worked with over 500 artists, brands, and entrepreneurs and has gained a significant number of connections in the industry.

Champlin’s main goal is to be known in his industry and to genuinely help others reach their goals. He is currently coaching individuals on how to grow their social media presence and believes that having a credible online presence can open up many opportunities. Champlin has worked with entrepreneurs who have generated over six and seven figures and is always looking to expand his network and provide value.

Matt told Eros “being in the business world most people have a competitive nature. I still like playing basketball and even going to play a round of golf – it doesn’t have to be business 24/7, you need to live your life at the same time“. 

Matt is a down to earth guy who has a great outlook on life. “I don’t need to own a super fast  car or live in a penthouse, all of that is nice but it is not my priority. My one and only goal is to genuinely help individuals get to the next level no matter what it is. Regardless if we do business or not, if I am able to have a 20 minute conversation with you I just expanded my network by one  more person.”

Champlin has set high goals for himself, but is grateful for the connections he has made at such a young age. He is always looking to expand, network and provide value daily. His motto is, “you are the only one that can turn the page to get closer to the next chapter” – we couldn’t agree more! Follow Matt on Instagram to follow his journey of helping others succeed.

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