Lizzo Claims her Seat on the TikTok Throne

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Melissa Viviane Jefferson, known by her stage name Lizzo, has taken her seat on the TikTok throne as the queen of views. Each year the social media platform [TikTok] releases a report of the accounts with the most views, and this year we saw some changes for who’s on top.

To no real surprise, Lizzo has continued to dominate the social media space with her contagious personality, vibrant style and captivating music. With this being said, the Grammy-winning artist gained the title for the artist with the most video views on the app [TikTok] over the past year, but she has some top-tier company that also made the cut. Other musicians on the list include names like Bella Poarch, Bad Bunny, Charlie Puth and Doja Cat.

Aiding in her number one spot on the chart was the choreographed video for “About Damn Time”, which ranked seventh on TikTok’s trending video list, while the song itself was the fourth most trending sound.

Other memorable songs for the app this year came from the revitalization of Kate Bush’s 1985 hit “Running Up That Hill” after being incorporated into the Netflix series “Stranger Things”. We also saw filmmaker Lous Theroux’s “Jiggle Jiggle” rap from over 20 years ago climb its way to the top, but not without the help the remix created by Duke & Jones.

We’ll have to wait another year to see who makes the list for 2023, but we wouldn’t be shocked to see Lizzo crack the top 10 once again.

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