Kendog917 Is Taking Over The Florida Music Scene

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[Cover art for Drill Beats & Melodies]

If you haven’t already been hearing about Kendog917‘s latest project Drill Beats & Melodies, let me put you on! The 4 track EP might be short, but it highlights everything that makes Kendog917 a force to be reckoned with down in Broward County, Florida. From his bouncy flows to his undeniable lyricism, Drill Beats & Melodies is precisely what the underground music community has been missing.

I first came across Kendog917, following the release of his song “Face It” featuring ABR Tino back in 2021, and immediately knew he was something special. I casually kept tabs on him throughout the years, and he’s only gotten better and better. Drill Beats & Melodies in my opinion is his best work yet, and there’s no limit to his potential success. If you’re a supporter of upcoming artists, make sure you tap in with Kendog917, he’s without a doubt up next.

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