Jordan Official: The Artist No One Saw Coming

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Jordan Official, also known as J.O, was born in Arizona, and started in music at the ripe age of 19. Growing up in the church he was always singing and starring in talent shows at school and family events. In the beginning music was more of a quiet hobby, then it turned into dropping music on SoundCloud and the rest is history. “I found a beat on Youtube and just made a track about what I was going through at the time. It ended up getting a couple thousand views and that started it off”.

J.O’s brother, Prodij, is his full time engineer and producer – this doesn’t come as a shock since his mom was also a musician – it must run in the family. He gets most of his inspiration from J.Cole, Kendrick and Drake; and similar to them, he wants his listeners to feel the “realness in every bar”. 

Jordan Official illustrates all of his songs, from the beats to the lyrics and everything in between. He is currently working on Lottery Pick, Vol. 2 which will be dropping January 2023, so be on the lookout for the first single dropping in December!  

His latest music video for S-T-E-E-L-O dropped three weeks ago and his fans are loving it! You can also listen to his album Lottery Pick, Vol 1. on his Youtube and all major music outlets

J.O told us “I believe we all have a purpose in life and the more you understand yourself and why you are in this world this shit is just clear as day. With that being said, I know my purpose, I know music is what I’m supposed to do, and the wins I receive every year to help this movement I’m creating will only open doors to hear what I really am here to talk about. Being official is an everyday experience: it’s being able to choose you and be officially you no matter what. Standing on your principles and helping the next man up. So everyday I get closer and closer to the whole world hearing my truth, and music is the way I’m gonna get there. That’s motivation enough. Of course my family, my girlfriend, and close friends are constant motivation as well”.

Keep up with Jordan Official on all social media platforms and be sure to follow him on Spotify to be one of the firsts to listen to Lottery Pick, Vol. 2 when it drops next month. 

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