Jarred J. Rosenberg: Serial Entrepreneur and Business Owner

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If you haven’t heard of Jarred J. Rosenberg by now, it’s about time – Jarred is a marketing mogul taking the industry by storm. Whether you’re an artist looking to make it big, or a business with your eyes set on the horizon, Jarred is your guy.

Jarred graduated with a Doctorate in Pharmacy, but all the while knowing he was not the type to work behind a pharmacy in a retail chain. He has always been the entrepreneur type and throughout his schooling he had multiple side hustles to keep him busy. While finishing up his PharmD in Massachusetts he started Vieue Clothing Brand, and since then he has been bulldozing through every obstacle in his path. Jarred is also a music artist – among his many talents.

Jarred has been working in the realm of public relations for several years now and has led many artists and businesses to success; coaching and mentoring them with the ultimate goal of achieving their dreams. Now, as the Founder/CEO of Eros Entertainment, Jarred is making a name for himself.

Jarred is not only a mentor but a leader – never letting anyone compromise his path.

He eat, sleeps, and breathes dedication – grinding day and night. Keep your eye on Jarred and his rise to international success on Instagram.

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