Hoody Hawi Delivers Masterful New EP “Howlin At The Moon”

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Hoody Hawi - "Howlin at the Moon" | UNFLTRD
Hoody Hawi - "Howlin at the Moon" | UNFLTRD

Bay Area rapper Hoody Hawi has once again captivated the hip hop world with his latest EP, “Howlin At The Moon“. A follow-up to his critically acclaimed album “Artificial Ignorance“, the new project delves into the challenges and rewards of financial success, bringing listeners along for the ride.

Across four tracks, Hoody’s signature style is on full display, blending introspective lyrics with catchy hooks and masterful production. With his longtime collaborator Jelly adding his own unique flair, the EP takes listeners on a sonic journey through the highs and lows of wealth and fame.

At the heart of “Howlin At The Moon” is Hoody’s introspective reflection on the pitfalls of financial success. Tracks like “Tokes for the Ops” offer a glimpse into the dangers that come with having too much money, while “shoulda coulda woulda” celebrates the rewards of hard work and dedication. The title track, “Howlin At The Moon“, is a standout moment, featuring a haunting beat and assertive lyrics that showcase Hoody’s raw emotion.

One of the most remarkable things about the EP is the production, which is pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in modern hip hop. The beats are rich and layered, with intricate melodies and creative soundscapes that add depth and dimension to each track.

Overall, “Howlin At The Moon” is a testament to Hoody Hawi’s unique talent as a rapper and artist. The EP is a must-listen for fans of innovative beats and insightful lyrics, and is sure to appeal to anyone who appreciates the complexities of financial success. With this latest project, Hoody Hawi cements his place as one of the most exciting voices in Bay Area hip hop, and one to watch in the years to come.

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