Brooklyn’s very own: FSE YUNG TREEZY 

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Music has the remarkable power to connect us, to express our innermost feelings, and to inspire us. In this exclusive interview with FSE YUNG TREEZY, we dive deep into the life and career of this talented artist who is making waves in the music industry.

TREEZY’s name originates from his actual name, Trice. He is a huge anime fan and video game buff whose biggest musical inspirations are Curtis, 50 Cent and Jackson.

Hailing from Brooklyn, FSE YUNG TREEZY, also known as TREEZY or MR FSE, is a rising star with a story worth telling. His journey into the world of music began when he decided to start investing in himself. He plans to expand and stamp his brand into the industry by developing his own sound.

When we asked him what he wants his listeners to gain from his music, MR FSE said “to be yourself shamelessly and always sim high”.

FSE YUNG TREEZY is currently working on a new single titled (it’s a party) on his upcoming album Cest La Vie 2! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Spotify to keep up with his new music and sound.



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