E.Q, Creator of “The Life and Death of Romance”

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E.Q, also known as Forrest West, is an accomplished singer/songwriter and the son of 4x Grammy winner Deniece Williams. Based in Los Angeles, E.Q has always been immersed in the music industry and knew from a young age that he wanted to pursue a career in music. His goals within the industry include constantly elevating his craft and focusing on placements for TV, film, and theater.

One of E.Q’s proudest accomplishments to date is his placements on Fox NFL Sunday, which he describes as an “unbelievable feeling” to have his music played during the NFL season for millions of viewers. However, E.Q acknowledges that being an independent artist also comes with its challenges, and he credits his determination and will to keep going as his biggest obstacle to overcome.

E.Q’s biggest musical inspiration is his mother, Deniece Williams, who has served as a role model and source of invaluable experience and knowledge in the industry. Currently a free agent, E.Q is excited to see where his creativity takes him and is planning on releasing new music in 2023. He works closely with a talented production team including Joey French, KaCe The Producer, and Stash Konig, and dreams of collaborating with T-Pain in the future.

E.Q’s music is all about connecting with listeners and letting them know that they are not alone. He writes all of his own songs and hopes that his listeners will be able to take away a sense of understanding and relatability from his music.

In addition to his music career, E.Q has 14 TV and brand music placements under his belt for Fox NFL Sunday, CBS Sports, Louisville Slugger, STX, ESPN, and more. He is passionate about his craft and wakes up every day motivated to pursue his dreams.

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