Drake avoids deposition in XXXTentacion murder case

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A judge has granted a motion from rapper Drake to avoid a deposition in the ongoing XXXTentacion murder case. Judge Michael A. Usan overruled the court’s previous order, which required Drake to answer questions about an old conflict between him and the late rapper. Drake’s attorney, Bradford Cohen, argued that his client had no relevant information to contribute to the case. The judge agreed with this argument, resulting in the dismissal of the order.

Defense attorney Mauricio Padilla, who represents suspect Dedrick Williams, had previously insisted that Drake’s presence was necessary for questioning. However, with the current trial already underway, the clock is ticking on any further attempts to secure Drake’s deposition.

While it’s possible that Padilla could convince the judge of the need for Drake’s testimony and obtain a new subpoena, for now, the rapper will not be involved in the proceedings.

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