DoubleOCho Just Released New Album, T5

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Formerly known as Honcho Nightmare, DoubleOCho is an independent artist from Gary, IN. His EP Tha Answer gave fans a taste of what was to come with the transition. Following up with his new album, T5, which showcases his artistry over 12 tracks with vibes for everyone. DoubleOCho (88) means forever, and the vibes on this journey last forever.

His music career started with him reciting Lil Wayne and Kanye West lyrics, eventually making up his own lyrics and freestyles. At 12 years old he started recording himself and learning how to produce and engineer as well. Growing up it was just something to do as a hobby, but the older he got and the better his skills got he actually started to take music seriously and decided to make it a career. Now, DoubleOCho owns his own independent label, Free Minds. 

“I only really have one goal within the music industry, and that is to touch people with my music. Of course the awards, accolades, and recognition are things I want and appreciate as well – but my main focus is to never lose touch with the people and remain relatable” DoubleOCho told Unfltrd.

DoubleOCho is currently working on visuals and marketing for T5, which was released in October 2022. Keep up with DoubleOCho on his journey by following him on Instagram and Spotify.

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