Jazzy Vee, the Nurse with the Healing Power of Music

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Jazzy Vee is a music producer, DJ, and artist based in New Jersey. Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, New York, Jazzy Vee is Puerto Rican, or as she calls herself, “Boricua”.

Jazzy Vee’s music career began at a young age, as she started taking tap and ballet classes before moving on to play the clarinet in marching band and various other bands. She even led her clarinet section as a leader in high school and acted in 2 musicals. In 2017, Jazzy Vee created her own radio show, “The Level Up Show” in East Orange, NJ, where she interviewed several upcoming artists. It was then that she realized it was time to create her own art.

Jazzy envisions herself DJing festivals and concerts at stadiums in nearly every country, all over the world. She strives to produce for other artists while releasing her own music as well. One accomplishment Jazzy Vee is particularly proud of is releasing a track she hosted as a DJ called “PYRO”, featuring Lil Uzi Vert.

Jazzy Vee’s biggest musical inspiration is Missy Elliott, and her biggest non-musical inspiration is her mom, who she calls her “Momager”. Jazzy Vee currently runs her own label, Oh So Jazzy, and is not signed to any other affiliations.

Jazzy Vee wants her listeners to have fun, dance, and feel empowered to tackle their goals when they listen to her music. She has a lot of dance music out, but her Spanish music she’s releasing this year will make listeners “really feel it”. Jazzy recently released a Jersey Club remix to her song “F*** Out My Face” made by DJ Jayhood and is working on several projects, including genres like hip hop, drill, and more. 

Jazzy Vee can be found on Instagram at itsmejazzyvee and on Spotify. She also has active accounts on TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

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