Dennis Belton Jr. Launches Clothing Brand – Goated Forever

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Dennis Belton Jr., Creative Director, Photographer & Brand Specialist for Belton Media Group, just launched his new athletic wear and lifestyle brand – Goated Forever. Dennis is from Detroit, MI where he started his career in photography by charging $25 a session – just enough to pay for gas and get the experience he wanted and needed.

Goat is an acronym for greatest of all time, Dennis wants Goated Forever to be viewed as a brand of the upper echelon surrounded by a community of great people. Dennis says “You become Goated the moment you find your purpose and live in it and for that reason we all have the potential to become Goated Forever”.

Dennis’ biggest inspirations are his family, his city, and the goats that came before him – Michael Jackson and Kobe Bryant. “Goated Forever is my classic music album if I had to put it like that” says Dennis. Even through setbacks and obstacles, he persists by trying to find balance and staying creative while he is hurting.

When we asked Dennis what his biggest accomplishment has been he said “Launching Goated Forever during a pandemic. His dream is to make Goated Forever the number one brand in the world. Dennis would ultimately like to land a partnership with a brand like Nike in the future.

Goated Forever features brother and sister models, Nyapini James represented by Citizen Agency and Belton Media Group, along with her brother Nyong James. All photography is done by Belton Media Group.

Keep up with Dennis and Goated Forever by following them on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter. You can also check out their website at goatedforever.com.

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