CEAZERR: From New Zealand To The World. A Rising Star With Something To Prove. 

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Ceazerr is a talented and upcoming artist from New Zealand, who has been making waves in the local hip-hop scene. With a unique sound that fuses old-school hip-hop with modern influences, Ceazerr has already released several successful singles and is expected to drop multiple projects throughout 2023. Despite facing challenges in establishing himself in the local scene, Ceazerr has overcome obstacles to showcase his talent to a wider audience.

Ceazerr’s music career started when he began making beats and writing songs, dropping his first singles in 2018. He produced both tracks himself and they were placed on a big YouTube channel, amassing over 150,000 plays each. Ceazerr taught himself how to produce, record, and mix his own tracks, which has helped him to execute his ideas quickly and efficiently.

His ultimate goal is to hit the mainstream and make a living off his music. He aspires to connect with people all over the world and showcase his unique style and message. Ceazerr has always been passionate about the entertainment industry and wants to excel in it at the highest level possible. He knows that with hard work and dedication, he can achieve his dreams and reach a global audience.

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