Trading Firm, Bullrunz, Helping Hundreds Profit Month After Month

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John, the owner of Bullrunz, is a 6 figure Forex trader from Florida. He provides daily signals in a free trades channel with over 1,300 members and a VIP channel with 155 active students. John has helped his students pass 100+ Prop firms and build their accounts trading gold/XAUUSD.

John’s career in trading began five years ago when he learned the ropes from a friend and decided to make it a career. His goal within the industry is to become one of the best traders and help thousands of traders understand the proper way of trading gold.

One of John’s greatest accomplishments is helping his VIP members achieve their trading goals on a month-to-month basis and building a strong community. He finds purpose in helping others succeed, and his biggest inspiration is Cue Banks.

John wants his clients to take away more than just profits from his services. He wants them to develop a clean and strong mindset, the will to have patience and control, and a proper understanding of how to treat trading if they want to succeed in the industry. Some of the ways John is able to maintain his level headedness is through training and weight lifting, which he encourages other to incorporate into their routines.

John is predicting great success for himself and his students heading into 2023. Stay up to date via his personal and business instagram accounts: @itsjohnny and @bullrunz

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