A’lenciog: The New Wave

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Meet A’lencio Graham, also known as Alenciog. From Atlanta, Georgia, A’lencio is a former athlete turned artist and entrepreneur. His music career started when he was 12 years old. He always loved football, but music was always on the back of his mind. Alenciog describes himself as hardworking and determined; he is ready to take the world by storm. 

A’lencio Graham grew up listening to heavy hitters in the Atlanta music scene, such as T.I, Gucci, Jeezy, Rich kidz, and Travis Porter. “My goals within the music industry are to take it as far as I can. I want to be as big as Drake one day, and eventually start my own label,” he told us. Although he had to give up football to pursue his music career, he is confident he made the right decision. He continued, “The accomplishments I’m most proud of are making my own music, and working with top people in the industry! Most recently I have worked with Ayo and Teo and I’m really proud of it!”

Although Alenciog is not currently signed to a label, he frequently collaborates with his producer, Hi Key. His latest work is a quick ep, called “no title” . His biggest musical inspiration is Drake, he hopes to make it as big as he did one day and constantly evolve. “My reason for waking up and continuing what I do is my own drive! And my family,” he said. It looks like we will be hearing a lot more from Alenciog! To keep up with him and his music, follow him on Instagram and Twitter

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