Are you an Airhead? Get to know Air McCarthy

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Meet Air McCarthy, a 27 year old Netflix watching, 2k player, and musical artist born in California. He was raised in Indiana, home of the Indy 500. He describes himself as “more of the worker bee in his family.”  He started his business and invested most of his time into music and sports. 

Air McCarthy started making music with a guitar hero microphone plugged into his mom’s computer. Although he was doing it just for fun, his friends kept him motivated. He was making them laugh and together, they started writing songs.

We asked Air McCarthy what his music industry goals were, and he said,  “I’d say bringing a different outlook into the game. I have ideas, but I could show them better rather than talking about them. But, definitely some flavor. I feel like there’s an untapped market out there and it’s mine for the taking.” He is not currently signed to a label, but he says, “Being independent is definitely paving my mindset and my thrive to the next level of success or entertainment.”

Air McCarthy‘s  biggest accomplishment to date is the acknowledgement of other people. He feels a sense of pride when they ask him when his next song will be released. He frequently collaborates with Eyeconic – a producer in Indiana, Octane Engineer, G Humble and T Truth. Air McCarthy’s “been keeping a few albums and mixtapes in the vault for rainy days. I always have a freestyle project just adding to the list just dropped; Believe Me 3 on YouTube that’s got some dope features. Not Another Mixtape dropped in July. A few singles I’m ready to drop. We’ve got AirPort Music on the way in August!”

The newest music sensation, Air McCarthy, prides himself on giving off a “real weed vibe.” He is not going by rules, or standards. His biggest musical inspirations include Simple,  CURREN$Y and Talented and to work with Wiz Khalifa would be a dream come true. For more information on Air McCarthy, follow him on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Spotify, Apple Music and United Masters.

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