5G and Drilla Demand Respect in New Music Video “Talk To Me Nicely”

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Sacramento rapper 5G has released a new music video titled “Talk To Me Nicely” featuring Drilla. The video, which was directed by Jackson Bert, showcases 5G and Drilla in a desert landscape as they demand respect from their opps.

In the video, 5G and Drilla are seen walking through the desert, in a vast open field followed by shots in front of a train. The two rappers are dressed in stylish outfits and accessories, and they exude confidence and strength as they deliver their verses. The cinematography is stunning, with sweeping shots of the desert landscape and close-ups of the rappers as they spit their bars.

The lyrics of the song focus on the importance of respect in the rap game, and how 5G and Drilla are not to be messed with. The chorus, which is sung by 5G, repeats the phrase “talk to me nicely” as a reminder to those who may try to disrespect them.

Overall, “Talk To Me Nicely” is a solid offering from 5G and Drilla, and the music video does a great job of showcasing their personalities and talents. The video has already garnered a significant amount of attention online, and fans are eagerly anticipating more new music from these two up-and-coming rappers.

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